Our Staff

Patrick Hall

LMFT President/Owner

Patrick is anything but your typical counselor. In fact, despite being a very positive, “glass-half-full person”, he is critical and negative about the lack of good mental health providers. This is because he is very passionate about people figuring out life and learning to enjoy what matters most to them…relationships. “The most difficult stories are those where clients have tried other counselors and simply received poor care. Making the decision to invest emotionally and financially in counseling even more difficult than it already is. “The last thing you want to have happen is for a client to make the decision, invest the time and energy into getting started, and then find out they have to start over with another professional because the first one simply was not helpful.” Patrick has an outgoing personality and tends to be able to relate to just about anyone. His style is straight-forward and “no-bull” as his clients say. His ability to recognize both sides of a relationship, whether it be husband/wife or child/parent, is one of his many strengths. Patrick wears a few professional hats. Along with starting Indianapolis TMS, he is the Owner & practicing therapist (LMFT) at Lotus Group. He tends to carry a fairly full case load of clients, providing counseling for pre-teens, teens, adults, couples, parents and families. Most tend to look at him cross-eyed when he reveals, “I have a special heart for teens and young adults…the really tough ones.” He also enjoys individual adults, marital and family work. Aside from his therapist role, he also manages the practice, oversees the marketing, and continues to be the visionary for the practice. On a more personal note, Patrick enjoys working hard and playing hard. Patrick and Tiffany were married in 1999 and have enjoyed doing life together in Noblesville, and now Westfield. Together they have three children, Taylor, Lexi, and Nolan. In his spare time, you will find him on a date with Tiffany, playing golf or shooting hoops and playing H.O.R.S.E. with Nolan, riding bikes or hanging at the pool with Taylor and Lexi, or having the guys over for poker night and watching the Colts, IU basketball, or Ohio State football. Near the top of his list you will find passions for time with extended family, travel, beautiful golf courses, friends, and an insatiable desire to experience life and see and do things for the first time. His kids laugh and make fun of him when he licks his finger and makes a checkmark in the air as he says …”check”, indicating another first in his life.

Evie Jacobs LCSW

TMS Coordinator

Evie came to the realization at a very young age that helping others was her calling and gift. Her calling was validated for her during her internships for her undergraduate degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. Evie has been working in the field of Mental Health since 1996. She graduated from IU School of Social Work in 2001 with her Masters in Social Work. She has witnessed the brokenness that depression can cause for individuals and their families. Evie is constantly looking for new ideas for the treatment of and freedom from depression. Clients who have worked with Evie consistently share that her realness and honesty are both refreshing and beneficial in their recovery process. Evie practices a life of gratitude and encourages her clients to find the joy in any given situation. Evie is very excited about what the treatment of TMS has to offer clients who continue to struggle with depression despite their commitment to medication and therapy. Sometimes medication and therapy aren’t enough on their own. Evie believes TMS is the answer to that.

Evie married Jon in 1999. Together they have four children, Thomas, Abi, Stephen and Mary. She also is a Nana to Gabe, Liam, Oliver and Layla. Second only to her faith, family is her top priority. She lives out her priorities in all that she does. Evie often jokes that her children and now grandchildren provide enough material for her to move to Vegas and be a stand up comedian. Evie has been quoted stating that they are the light in her life and cause her to smile even when there is nothing else to smile about.

Evie loves to spend time with her family. In addition, she loves to read and is learning to just be still and breathe. Evie is very interested in Enneagram work and is doing much raining and reading on that subject. Evie loves her sports. She is an avid Chicago fan, loving her Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and Cubs. She also is a Michigan fan which makes office life interesting between her and Patrick, especially during the college football season. You will often find Evie in her latest team apparel, supporting their season.

Tiffany Hall, BA

TMS Coordinator

Tiffany graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. She worked as a teacher until she and Patrick started their family. She has had the privilege of being a stay at home mom with their children. This has granted the opportunity to be involved more regularly in her children’s classrooms as well as be available to assist Patrick in their businesses.

Being married to a therapist and working closely with people in and out of Lotus Group has provided Tiffany a unique perspective on Mental Health. Tiffany has worked in the office of Lotus Group which has also provided her close involvement in the client’s process. Seeing their transformations has made Tiffany a believer in therapy. She loves getting to know people and forming relationships with them as they come in and out of the office. She also has thus witnessed individuals that continue to struggle because therapy and medication have not been enough. Tiffany has been trained to provide TMS treatment. She is very excited about all that TMS will offer clients.

In Tiffany’s spare time she enjoys being involved in her children’s sports and activities. You can frequently find her taxiing them from sport to sport with her dog, Bailey, in the passenger seat. She is also available to Taylor to discuss college life as it is happening. In addition she loves vacationing, reading, trying new recipes and just spending time with her family.

Dr. Deborah Redd

Dr. Deborah Redd is a board certified psychiatrist.  She has joined the Indianapolis TMS Team and is excited about the freedom from depression TMS offers to individuals. As part of our team, Dr. Redd performs the mapping procedure of the TMS process, oversees the treatment, and will also be available for re-evaluation as needed. The mapping procedure is performed first, prior to all treatments.

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