About Our Practice

Indianapolis TMS believes that no stone should be left unturned on the journey to being well.  We are born out of Lotus Group where quality care has always been the priority.  We continue to believe in quality treatment being mandatory for individuals to be well.  Our goal at Indianapolis TMS is to continue to provide quality care to each individual that contacts us.  Whether that is a phone call, email or walking in just to ask questions, every interaction will be a quality interaction.  We desire for each individual to feel that they are the priority, that we are accessible to them and that we walk this journey to being well alongside them and their family members.

We believe that life is the greatest gift and that it is meant to be lived well.  Indianapolis TMS strives to step into this journey to being well with you and your family when therapy and medication has not provided the relief from depression that is sought after. Depression steals away life to the point of individuals existing instead of living.  Our goal is to walk alongside you from existing to living again.

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